My girls


circa 1995

wedding 057

circa 2009

I know, horrible picture… better ones will come throughout the weekend.


  1. It scares me to see young girls turn into young women. I know it will happen to my girls too. I know there’s no way I can stop the clock. I know it’s not a bad thing – they need to grow and become women. I need to age and become an old hag.

    At least it’s a gradual process, which helps adjust. But seeing the photos side by side is shocking.

    By the way, they are gorgeous.

  2. OMG, this is just too much! I love it! Horrible? Are you kidding? PRICELESS!! Beautiful. Just take lots more pictures and have a really great time, okay? Love you guys….. ~Joy

  3. one could easily argue a woman aint know nuttin til she’s raised some of her own. i’m in awe. they just exude warmth and joy as you do. here’s to hopin the day evolves effortlessly for you…thanks for sharin these…what a treasure are they :)

  4. They grow up too fast, don’t they? I had boys, but looking at your girls hamming it up makes me wistful. They are beautiful, and don’t dare knock that photo! It’s great.