Two More Art Journaling Books

Yep, still all art journaling all the time around here. Or at least reading about art journaling and watching videos about art journaling. Not a lot of actual journaling going on, though. Not none, just not a lot.

The Art Journal Workshop was excellent. So excellent that I’m going to take a peek at the dvd that’s attached to the book. (I never do that.)

I’m also not much of a “prompt” kind of person but I really liked all of the exercises and prompts in this book. Of all the art journaling and mixed media books I’ve read recently, this is my favorite.

Painted Pages is not my favorite. It’s probably my least favorite. Not because it’s not a technique book but because the pages here just don’t work for me. Not a bad book, just not the book for me at all.


  1. I wish I was artistic. I really had a heck of a time drawing up my blueprint (look no hyphen) for Magic Mushroomville. But I did find a sketchbook/journal and my gel pen booty so I think I’m going to try sketching up some more garden plans. Take photos of your pages! Or did you already? I haven’t visited FH for a while. Nice to see you! Say hi to TW!