Puppy Bonding

Back in the day, I could go hours without seeing Skeeter because she was glued to TW’s hip (and my bed.) She really only left TW’s side to go to the bathroom (and only if TW took her) or to occasionally play with one of the kids or go harass Koto. Really, she just stayed in the bedroom with TW.

Totally different story now that Lola is here.

Lola is not attached to TW’s hip, or to my bed. She likes both well enough but she is more likely to follow me and she prefers to sleep in the office while I’m working.

And Skeeter is attached to Lola.

Which means Skeeter spends most of her day in the office with me. I mean with Lola.

TW can walk through and neither dog moves. If I get up and leave the room, Lola follows — which means Skeeter also follows.

What a difference a showgirl makes.

We’re probably going to have to get another dog to keep TW company back in the bedroom…


  1. You cannot get another dog until after BlogHer. Because I only have two toys.

  2. Well that, and I am seriously campaigning for a King Size bed for my birthday. No more dogs until a bigger bed is bought. (right now, we have a full size bed. Not even a queen)

  3. and this is how the addiction starts. :)