Books Around the House

Lies aka Daily Dog created a fun flickr slideshow of the books around her house. It looked like fun so I made one too. You should make one and let us know. I wonder how many books we have in common…

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  1. My God, what an amazing collection. How long have you been collecting? Can I still catch up? And how many of you are there buying books?

  2. If you want to find out who you have books in common with, you might like
    I don’t really like the system, but perhaps you will.

  3. Hey Lies, :-)

    TW and I have six children – 2 of them don’t live with us any longer (though one is threatening to move home). So, those books belong to 6 people. We’ve cut back considerably on book buying – the library is my best friend!

    We’ve tried all sorts of book cataloging/logging sites and none of them have made me happy. TW uses Reader2 and likes it pretty well. I’m sticking with blogging books instead. I do also have an offline library software program that I sometimes use but it’s time consuming so I don’t update often enough.

  4. No books in the bathroom? You do have an amazing collection! I miss all the kid books, but have started collecting all over again–my house now has a few boardbooks and a book of the complete stories of Thomas the Tank….Am still going to go looking for Millions of Cats.

  5. No books were in the bathroom. That’s pretty normal here. TW tends to take a book with her as she goes to the bathroom rather than leaving one in there.

    The little kids use to take books to the bathroom but after retrieving MY books from the bathtub I put a stop to that, mostly.

    Magazines are more often in our bathrooms but none were in there when I took the photos.

    Millions of Cats is a must!

  6. It’s strange how children’s classics differ from country to country, or at least differed. I have a feeling that more books are being translated and becoming ‘world’ classics. I’ve never heard of “Millions of Cats” nor is Dr. Seus popular here. “Guess how much I love you” on the other hand is also popular in the US I think. One exception perhaps, no two: The Original Winnie the Pooh stories and “The Little Prince”.

  7. Millions of Cats is not popular in this country, not the way it should be. Katie, who commented about that in this thread is a librarian and didn’t know about it.

    I’m not a Pooh fan but I do love The Little Prince.