Top 10 List of Things to Love About #Readathon

What a fun mini-challenge! Here’s my list:

1) The snacks. It’s fun to splurge on snacks and easy to prepare/eat foods that we wouldn’t normally buy. And then to eat them all day and night long, lol.

2) Filling a day of reading helps pad my yearly books read count. Heh.

3) No errands to run on #readathon day.

4) No housecleaning on #readathon day.

5) #readathon is a great time to catch up on some of the “from the stacks” books that I never manage to get to.

6) I always read a bunch of children’s fiction/non-fiction from my Cybils shortlist challenge, which helps me make a big dent in that challenge list.

7) The mini-challenges are fun. A lot of fun.

8) Finding new book bloggers who are participating in #readathon is awesome. I always have a few new blogs to add to my feedreader when #readathon is over.

9) I always find a few new books to add to my TBR list after hearing other #readathoners talk about the books they are reading.

10) Reading all day long, never even getting out of my PJs, is the best, most relaxing way to spend a Saturday.

Mini-Challenge #CoverEscape

#coverescape #readathon wouldn't this be a great place to read from?

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I love the cover escape mini-challenge.

#readathon Intro Meme

It’s that time again, time for another #readathon (yay!) and another intro meme (yay?) – I’m looking forward to this time next year when I’ll have new things to say in the intro meme, haha.

1) Still reading in Chicagoland, from the bed, with the three dogs and my partner.

2) I can’t decide what I’m most looking forward to reading. Maybe the non-fiction book from my stacks, Patrick Macnee’s Blind In One Ear. I didn’t do a great job of pre-selecting my books this year. Ah well, any book is a good book for #readathon and I have plenty to choose from.

3) Mariano’s for this round of treats. Mmmm, all the snacks. I want them all, right now but I’m starting with my beloved fruit loops donut and cantaloupe. I’m looking forward to some interesting cheese later in the morning and some veggie eggrolls in the afternoon and… all the snacks, I want them.

4) This is going to be a hard #readathon because the #Cubs are playing tonight and we will have to try and listen while we read. Good thing I have some children’s books that will make it easier to do that. #letsgo #cubs #flythew!

5) Normally I recommend starting off with a somewhat easy to read book but because of the Cubs game this evening, I’m diving in fast and hard and saving the light and easy stuff for the end. That’s the best tip I can give you… be flexible. Think about your day, any obstacles to your day, and adjust as needed. Just have fun and go with it.

Happy reading!

Sisters of Heart and Snow

I’m a Margaret Dilloway fan, which you know if you spend any time at all with me (in real life or in the virtual world) so you’re not surprised to know that Sisters of Heart and Snow was the book I most looked forward to reading during #readathon.

It did not let me down. Not one little bit.

I don’t always love books that weave the past into the present but Margaret Dilloway did it beautifully with this book. I enjoyed the story of Rachel and Drew just as much as I enjoyed the one of Tomoe and Yamabuki.

2 Non-fiction

Thank goodness for easy to read non-fiction, these two saved my #readathon numbers. Hah.

I reserved Paint Mojo after Juliet Crane’s Lifebook lesson because I really like Juliet Crane. The book was fine. Not great but fine. I still really like Juliet Crane. I should take her Happy Painting class.

We would like some fruit trees when we move next year so when I saw Grow a Little Fruit Tree at the library, I figured I’d check it out. I know nothing about fruit trees. I certainly didn’t know anything about growing LITTLE fruit trees (not dwarf fruit trees, LITTLE fruit trees.) I really enjoyed the book. I still don’t know much about fruit trees but I definitely know more now and I like the idea of little fruit trees a lot.

#readathon: 17 Hours — I’m Out

Oh man, I’m tired. My eyes keep closing and everyone else in the house is snoring. I’m giving in and calling it a night.

3 books finished.
3 still in progress.

999 pages, (hah. Maybe I’ll read one more page as the computer shuts down for the night?)

Not bad, all things considered. Yay #readathon! Six months ’til the next one, woohoo!

13 Hours Into #readathon and the Mid-Event Survey

I finally finished my second book, which was lovely. Really. I enjoyed it quite a lot, even if it did take me about 3 hours longer to read it than it should have. I AM SO TIRED.

I also missed the mid-event survey because I wanted to just keep reading since I was getting close to the end and didn’t want to lose momentum. So here it is, an hour late. 😉

1. What are you reading right now?

— Just finished Sisters of Heart and Snow. About to read some non-fiction childrens books from the Cybils shortlist.

2. How many books have you read so far?

— I’ve finished two. Still reading a kindle book I’d started before the #readathon and another non-fiction I’d started before the #readathon.

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon?

— Hmmm. Good question. Since I’m so far behind, I’m going with Prudence (Gail Carriger). I really like Gail Carriger.

4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those?

— No real interruptions — some work, because I work every day and my own darn tiredness because I didn’t sleep well.

5. What surprises you most about the Read-a-thon, so far?

— Most surprising about this particular #readathon — the puppies have been really well behaved. Hah.

#Readathon 8+ Hours and a Mini-Challenge

Oh boy, still struggling. I’ve tried two naps, neither helped. This also means I’m still reading all the things I was reading several hours ago. hahaha. Still enjoying my day, just not getting much finished. 406 pages, so far.

Time for some chips and dip and a little book spine poetry:


3 Hours In and a Mini-Challenge

Oh boy. Three hours in and I’m all over the place, like I’ve never been before. This is weird.

I finished a non-fiction book about small fruit trees (168 pages). I’ve read a couple of chapters of a book on my Kindle (Boy, Snow, Bird), I’ve read another chapter of a non-fiction book I’d been reading before #readathon started (Lillian Gilbreth) and I’m 40 pages into Sisters of Heart and Snow.

Woo. Really not how I normally read at any time, much less #readathon. I’m also getting tired — I didn’t sleep well last night and have been up since 5am. I’m gonna need a nap, shortly.

But first, a mini-challenge! Seasons In Four Covers.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall!


#readathon Begins with the Intro Meme

Yippee! Another April, another #readathon. And I really, really need this #readathon. Too much work/life stress. In fact, I need it so much that I was sure #readathon was last Saturday until Friday at about 6pm when my mother Facebooked me confused because she thought it was the 25th, not the 18th. Hahaha. So we had a mini-fake-#readathon last Saturday. We called it a warm up for the real thing. Today is going to be awesome, except I woke up way too early and didn’t sleep very well, lol. I’m probably gonna end up having to nap, darn it. Enough of that, let’s get to the intro meme, shall we?

1) Still reading in Chicagoland. From my bedroom. With TW. And the dogs.

2) I’m most looking forward to read Sisters of Heart and Snow. #TeamMargaretDilloway for me!

3) This year we shopped for snacks a little differently than usual. Partially because we thought #readathon was last weekend and we needed to go to Costco. And, because we thought it was last weekend, Elly and the boyfriend were going to be here and needed different types of snacks than we do. So we hit up the Costco for some chips and dip and rootbeer and ended up with dried fruit and chocolate truffles and cheese and I don’t even know what else. Some of that we ate last weekend but a lot of it we saved for today. Hah

Then, we went to Mariano’s and bought some more snacks — special sodas, my favorite lucky charm donuts (which we ate last weekend and then went back to get more for today, haha.) We have gelato, and more stuff that we’ll never manage to eat in one day — which is amusing since we bought a bunch of this LAST weekend and didn’t manage to finish it all. Then we bought more and we’ll still never finish it all up. Hah.

4) Yea, I totally have to work on this particular line item for October’s #readathon. Something interesting about me… haha. Hmmmm. I’ve got nothing.

5) Oh, I did remember to find something new to say… I went back and counted up all of my #readathons. This is #10 for me. I’m going to go with last fall’s strategy and kicking it off with an easy book — a non-fiction gardening book and then I’ll dive into Sisters of Heart and Snow and then move along to an easy book, and then see if I can do a bit of alternating like that — finishing up, as usual, with a whole lot of children’s non-fiction. And now I’m going to stop typing and start reading.

Happy #readathon to everyone!