I had only planned a few things for today, because TW had to get some work done and because we’ve had some really full days so it seemed like a good time to slow down a bit.

I took a short nap in the morning and then we headed out to visit the Door County Maritime Museum and from there we stopped at GLAS and had one of the best caramel macchiatos ever. Seriously. What a great coffee shop. We’ll be stopping there again in the morning, on our way home.

We headed back across the bridge, parked on 3rd and walked over to the Door County Dogs/Stove Dog Bakery where we bought a couple more dog toys. Then, a walk past the old Carnegie Free Library on our way to the current library that also houses the Miller Art Museum.

Wow. We did not expect that quality of art in a little free museum inside of a little library. Amazing. And, we spent $100 in the little gift shop (they only take cash or checks so I had to walk/run 3 blocks to an ATM, sheesh.)

Next, we popped into the Door County Confectionery shop and another toy store on 3rd and then headed to the Door Peninsula Winery so TW could buy cherry bitters and I dunno what other kind of alcohol. We also bought a variety of olive oils and vinegars.

After a couple of hours back at the B&B, we walked over to the Inn at Cedar Crossing for dinner. Everything was EXCELLENT. The artichoke/gorgonzola dip, the mushroom ravioli, the grilled asparagus, the stuffed chicken and the cherry pie. It was all really, really good.

Another great day.


  1. Cherry port. You bought cherry port. And I’m jealous and if there’s any left when I’m there this summer I WANT TO TRY IT. *ahem*